Gardening Clubs

Gardening Clubs

Gardening Club talks from Neil Lovesey, Picket Lane Nursery

Having spent many years as a teacher and engineer Neil Lovesey runs Picket Lane Nursery with his wife and daughter, and now offers a number of talks to gardening clubs, each of which is instructive, educational and entertaining.

Details of the talks that Neil offers are listed below, however if your club has a particular garden-related topic, Neil can normally tailor a talk to your needs provided you give notice of a month or two.

We also offer in depth visits to the nursery including the chance to explore the poly tunnels and beds that are out of bounds to normal visitors. Nursery visits normally last a couple of hours and we make no charge.

If you are interested in any of these talks, please call us on 07766 425474 or email or visit our nursery, open Wednesdays-Saturdays from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Do please note, if any of your future speakers lets you down, provided I have a few hours notice, and I’m not already speaking, I can normally stand in for ‘lost’ speakers.

Propagation – part 1

Covering all the bulbs, corms, and tuberous-rooted plants, all top cuttings – soft, semi & hardwood, root cuttings and much, much more. This is a practical session open for members to bring their own material for advice, and backed up with excellent slides.

Propagation – part 2

Covers many more of the skills needed to propagate all garden-worthy plants.

12 Months of Colour

In the nursery, we need to be able to extend the flowering period of our plants to make them look their best for as long as possible. This talk give the gardener many tips and processes to enable them to get the very best out of their garden throughout the year, be it a window box or an acre.

The Bee-friendly Garden

As a beekeeper and a nurseryman, this talk brings a brilliant balance between the needs of the bee and that of the environmentally aware gardener. It looks at how the bees interact with the flowers and how the flowers respond. Without bees, we are doomed. Everyone can do a little bit to help these fascinating creatures.

The History (and future) of the Cottage Garden

Where did the cottage garden come from? And when? We look back to the very beginning of the cottage garden and chart the growth of gardening through the centuries and some disturbing indications for the future of gardening.

Gardening for Wildlife

Picket Lane Nursery recorded 20 different wild mammals and countless bird varieties last year.A new talk for 2012, looks at the beneficial and attractive wildlife visitors, and what gardeners can do to encourage them into the garden and then keep them visiting.

Gardening on Clay

Our nursery has 4” of top soil sitting on pure blue clay, yet we have created a garden in which every species of plant offered for sale grows happily.  The only way this has been possible has been to accept the challenge and change the characteristics of our soil. This talk shows us how, and the benefits of clay.

Herbs! More than just Stuffing Balls

What is a herb? A look at the many uses beyond cooking for this interesting group of plants

A Year At Picket Lane

The work cycle at our very busy nursery over a 12 month period where we propagate all our own plants, grow all our own fruit and veg, keep bees and rare breed pigs and maintain the nursery gardens. Many tips for the gardener.

All talks cost £45.00. We will give your club 10% of the sales of any plants offered for sale on the night of the talk. Sadly, we do have to charge for the cost of fuel, but as my current car does 50 miles to the gallon, that is unlikely to be very much.