Diary Entry 2 October 2012

Picket Lane Nursery grows!! As each year passes, we get closer to completing the vision we had for our 10 acres. Still a long way to go and this year has proved a difficult one because of the weather, but one thing is certain. Each year, we spend more time mantaining what we have, which means less time to move forward. Now the nights are drawing in we move into top gear setting out our 2013 extension plans. More gardens, more poly tunnel space, more pig pens and a new pig sty, new varieties to propagate, more sales space – and all this on top of repairing and replacing worn and damaged fencing, paths, and growing-on beds.

Someone said to me “now the summer has gone I expect you can take it easy” What a joke.

Since our last diary entry, Nanny has given birth to another 9 piglets. Great fun (for the first two weeks), then they realised that they are smaller than the gaps in the pig-fencing. Nine little piglets heading towards a poly tunnel fully stocked with thousands of next year’s plants! What a nightmare.
They will be ready to wean in six weeks time, so if you’ve ever thought of keeping your own rare-breed pigs, I really can reccomend Berkshires. Drop me an email for more details.

Our on-line shop should go live within the next week or two. That’s a real step in the dark. We really have no idea wether we might sell one or two plants by post, or sell hundreds of each variety, so we’re doubling up on all our most popular varieties. When they’ve gone, they’ve gone.

Final thought – if 2012 is to become an average year, the next three months need to be hot, sunny, dry, and free from high winds, mist and fog. What chance ?

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