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Picket Lane Nursery is a family run business where we propagate every single plant that we offer for sale. Our nursery garden has over 1500 of our varieties growing so our customers can see before they buy. And our apiary goes from strength to strength as we increase the number of bee hives working the local countryside.

Why Picket Lane ?

Picket Lane Nursery

  • We are not a garden centre but a Garden Nursery, we only sell hardy perennials and shrubs.
  • We propagate all our own plants unlike others who buy in ‘plug’ plants and grow them on to maturity.
  • All our plants are hardy perennials and flowering shrubs. Currently we do not sell Bedding or vegetables.
  • The over-riding style for our plants is ‘Cottage Garden’
  • Picket Lane Nursery is a family run business. We welcome visitors to the gardens and are very happy to offer help and advice to gardeners.